Tools to help you create functions-as-a-service faster



“FaaSification is the process of converting a code structure into a format which is executable on Function-as-a-Service.”

Josef Spillner
  • Fast serverless prototyping and cloud-native application onboarding
  • Helps developers get rid of the obligation to take care of their application infrastructure
  • Charging by the provider for effective use of the application
  • Application performance improvements


These tools help you transform your code into deployment-ready functions for the most popular providers


Automated deployment of Python methods to the cloud. Currently supports AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, IBM, OpenWhisk and Fission functions.


A framework to convert node.js applications into RPC approach using FaaS.


Automated Java code translator for AWS Lambda.


Semi-automated Java code translator (using annotations) for AWS Lambda.


Opensource deployment tool for Node.js projects, helping JavaScript developers use AWS Lambda and API Gateway easily.


Zappa makes super easy to build and deploy server-less, event-driven Python applications on AWS Lambda + API Gateway.


Pywren lets you run your existing python code at massive scale via AWS Lambda.


Researchers currently working on FaaS development


Learn more about how to build FaaS applications by competent scientific research and magazine publications

Remote Procedure Call Approach using the Node2FaaS Framework with Terraform for Function as a Service.

Leonardo Rebouças de Carvalho and Aleteia Araújo

SEAPORT: Assessing the Portability of Serverless Applications.

Vladimir Yussupov, Uwe Breitenbücher, Ayhan Kaplan and Frank Leymann

Framework Node2FaaS: Automatic NodeJS Application Converter for Function as a Service.

Leonardo Rebouças de Carvalho and Aleteia Araújo

Transformation of Python Applications into Function-as-a-Service Deployments.

Josef Spillner

Java Code Analysis and Transformation into AWS Lambda Functions.

Josef Spillner


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